New Testament

The basic response towards this translation is a belief that the original text of the New Testament is an accurate record, authoritatively capturing God’s intended message. This premise, which is based upon the requirements of the Bible itself (2Timothy. 3:16; 2 Corinthians. 3:15n), is considered vital. Our main goal is  to express the meaning and emphasis of the original version in the most accurate and true way together with keeping certain word phases and expressions, which characterize the language of the New Testament. 


Over a three-year period,  500,000 CZK  was provided for the translation of the New Testament – this equals an average monthly income of 13,888 CZK. The translation itself took 2.5 years. Administrative expenses were covered by KMS (Christian Mission Society), publisher of the New Testament.




Translated from the original Greek by

© Antonin Zelina and Pavel Jartym

Published by © Krestanska misijni spolecnost 1994 (1st) and 1995 (2nd edition)

Revised 3rd edition 2000, 4th edition 2007

The original 15,000 copies of the New Testament were completely sold out. The text was then revised to include a  thorough concordance and improve the quality of the design which took notice of special and public comments as well as the experience of numbers of people working with this text.


1/   2  3/  4/ 


1/ The New Testament, 1st and 2nd edition from 1994 and 1995

2/ The New Testament, 3rd  edition from 2000, lamino

3/ The New Testament, 3rd  edition from 2000, PVC

4/ The New Testament, 4th  edition from 2007, PVC



Favorable comments on the KMS translation and revision, were given by Prof. J. Heller from Commenius Theological Faculty of Charles University and Prof. Th.D. Zdenek Sazava from the Hussite Theological Faculty of Charles University.

Experts’ classification


“It is a translation of the New Testament from Greek into common Czech, translation of New Evangelical Translation style. Translations of this type are a balance to such translations like Common Language Translation (CLT) and especially The Living Bible (these are indeed the paraphrases of the original text). This is the translation that needs to provide all possible information about the Greek model to the reader without loss of readability. It provides comprehensive notes which show the differences between Czech and Greek idioms.

Since the Czech Ecumenical translation is the only other translation which uses the common Czech, the  KMS New Testament (Nova Smlouva) is the best available alternative  The new translation of Proverbs (2000) shows, how  good cooperation is possible.“

The citation of classification of the New Testament from the KMS translation (Revised version 2000) by Petr Pokorný, the director of the Center of Biblical Studies in Charles University.


Expert from Institute for Czech Language of Academy of Science CR, Josef Šimandl, judges quality of language of work demonstration.

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